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Can we give my boy Jimmer, not Jim or Jimmy, some love. The BYU guard is lighting it up with 40-plus points in 3 of his last 4 games. His latest victim was undefeated San Diego State. Undeafeated no more, as Jimmer Fredette poured in 43 on them. Did the dude even break a sweat? As soon as he walks into the gym he is in shooting range. I have been telling people since last season when BYU made the NCAA tournament to watch out for Jimmer. He was lighting it up then and nothing has changed. As of now Jimmer is leading the country in scoring and is a leading candidate for player of the year. It is unfortunate this game was not on television because I would have loved nothing more to watch Jimmer tear apart the SDSU defense.  Jimmer might take a ton of shots, but if hes not getting it done who is for BYU? I couldn’t tell you. What I can tell you is while his teammates are thinking about being great missionaries, Jimmer is focusing on playing in the league.

Sources say the New York Knicks were set to draft Jimmer in the second round of last year’s draft if he came out of school. Jimmer, who is a native of Glen Falls, decided to stick around for another season. Can you blame him? His stock is rising after every game. As Jimmer pours in 40 a night, he is seeing dollar signs. People have questioned have well Jimmer would play at the next level, comparing him to JJ Reddick. I am not sure that is a bad comparison since JJ has made himself into a solid NBA player, but I believe Jimmer is a more complete player. I agree that shooting wise, Jimmer and JJ are a solid comparison. As for anything else I can’t agree. Jimmer is more athletic than JJ was, he has the ability to take the ball to the hole (something JJ couldn’t do until about about his 3rd year in the league), and Jimmer has an edge about him. It is clear he is playing with a chip on his shoulder because he went virtually unrecruited. Well to all the people who overlooked my man, GOTCHA. Keep your eye on Jimmer the rest of the season. He will continue to light it up.

The first video is a tribute to the athletic ability of Jimmer and the second is Jimmer off the court as he returns home for an assembly at his local high school.


What is the Deal with Cashman?

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For the most part, I have been a big Brian Cashman fan. This might be because I am a Mets fan and have dealt with idiotic GMs such as Omar Minaya and Steve Phillips, but even I do not understand the comments he has been making. In a press conference Cashman said he did not know if shortstop Derek Jeter would end his career as a shortstop. This comment just makes no sense. I agree in principle with what he is saying, but as the GM why would he say this? Jeter has been the cornerstone of this franchise and is rarely involved in much media turmoil. So why would Cashman make these comments? He should be thrilled that he got Jeter at the price he wanted and he even made that into a media fiasco. Cashman also came out and said that “The Red Sox are a better team than the Yankees”. What??? You are correct Brian, they are better and you are much to blame. You were the one who could not get the Cliff Lee deal done while the Sox went out and made big moves. As a Met fan I cannot speak for how Yankee fans feel, but I will say I would not be happy if my GM came out and said we are not as good as the Braves or Phillies. Get your stuff together Cashman, or you will run yourself out on New York.

My Guy: JaVale McGee

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For weeks I have been preaching to Knicks’ fans about Wizards Center Javale McGee. McGee is everything that the Knicks are in search of. Donny Walsh says he is looking for a big man who can: block shots, rebound, and fit the D’Antoni up-temp game. If you watched the Knicks’ game last night then you might have fell in love with McGee. JaVale for the season is averaging 9.2 points, 8 rebounds, and 2.6 blocks a game. The guy is also a human highlight real, and will partake in the 2011 slam dunk contest against Blake Griffin and others. Although he is extremly talented and the sky is the limit for him, I look at his intangibles. McGee is one of the most hard-working guys I’ve seen. He works for all of his points because he is not a focus in the Wizard’s offense. I also love the swagger JaVale brings to the game. His in your face, trash talking mentalily is something Knicks fans will fall in love with. He reminds me much of Charles Oakley. The Oakman played next to Pat Ewing, and I’d like nothing more than to see McGee playing next to Stoudemire alongside Carmelo Anthony.

Take a Look at the things JaVale McGee can do and you might fall in love.

Knicks vs. Wizards:Recap

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I Promised myself I would not blog again until the Knicks got a W. Look what happened, Knicks win! Although there was a lot of good things that happened last night, I am still not impressed. My key to last night’s game was Wilson Chandler. When Wil plays a good game, for the most part the Knicks can win. It seemed Chandler got passed his shooting woes last night. Thank God.  Raymond Felton also played a solid game posting his usual double-double. Amar’e was the Amar’e we have all come to love. As much as we talk about how Amar’e makes other players better, I like to think about the opposite side of it. How about when other players play better? I believe when Chandler is shooting well, and Felton is dishing and swishing, Amar’e is able to elevate his game. This spreads the floor and opens the lane for Amar’e to do his thing. Whether it is hitting a jumper, driving to the hole, or hitting a cutting Landry Fields, Amar’e is better when others play well. The reason I am not too high on last night’s win is because up until the fourth quarter the Knicks were playing down to their competition. This has been a major theme to the Knicks’ season. We always talk about how they play well against the good teams, which is true. My problem is when they lose a game like they did in OKC we sit back and say “Oh well, that is a game they aren’t expected to win”. NO, that is a game they SHOULD have won. They were winning the entire game and blew it. I have heard that too many times this season. They don’t play to stay competitive, they play to win. This is not to take anything away from the win; but there is no way that Wizards team should have been in the same gym as the Knicks.

Knicks vs. Thunder:Preview

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Last night the Knicks dropped another game making it 5 straight loses. Tonight they are up for another big test, as they travel to Oklahoma City to take on the Thunder. Lets face it the Knicks need this one. Things are looking bad for the Knickerbockers and people are losing faith. The team has struggled on all aspects of the game during this slide. It seems they have not had a good night shooting in forever. Wilson Chandler is now coming off the bench and Ronny Turiaf is starting. Stoudemire found himself in foul trouble last night and for a second consecutive game was held in check. The combination of Tim Duncan and Dejuan Blair did a great job. Tony Parker lit up Raymond Felton. Wilson Chandler shot the ball terribly again. The Knicks need to play a good game to get the fan based into it and more importantly their confidence up.

To me there are 3 keys to tonight’s game:

1. Can Danilo Gallinari keep Kevin Durant in check. We all know Kevin Durant is going to get his; but Gallinari has to keep him from completely erupting. If Durant goes for 40 tonight, the Knicks are in bad shape.

2. Can Raymond Felton play up to the level of Russell Westbrook. Before this 5 game losing streak there would have been no doubt in my mind that Felton would come with his best against Westbrook. Westbrook has been playing at an all-star level and is a great compliment to Kevin Durant. He can take over a game with ease. Felton needs to get back to playing his gritty D and NEEDS hit some shots and do so early in the game.

3. Can Amar’e have a big game? The Knicks need Amar’e to not only have a big night personally; but to make everyone else better. Stoudemire had his best scoring game of the season against the Suns with 41 points, but everyone else struggled. Tonight Amar’e has a favorable match-up with Jeff Green. Green is quick; but he should be no match for Amar’e in the post. It is essential for the Knicks success that he remains on the floor and not in foul trouble. The Knicks simply don’t have enough depth up front.

St. Peter’s vs. Siena

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Tonight on ESPNU at 9 p.m. the St. Peter’s Peacocks will take on the Siena Saints live from the Yanitelli Center, in Jersey City, New Jersey. I was at the meeting between the two teams last year at the Yanitelli Center. It was the second biggest turn-out for a SPC game besides the 6 am affair on ESPN. This year St. Peter’s returns everyone from a team that gave Siena everything they could handle in a pair of games last season. This game should be very interesting. It will be SPC’s defensive style against the high powered offense of Siena.

Knicks vs. Spurs: Preview

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The Knicks are riding a 4-game losing streak and things don’t seem to be getting any easier tonight as they play the league leading Spurs. Although the Knicks defeated the Spurs about a month ago, it was at the Garden. The Spurs also seemed to give up in the last few minutes when they pulled all of their starters. Anyways, D’Antoni said he would make changes to the lineup and he did so for tonight’s game. With the Spurs being big upfront, Coach D’Antoni will start Ronny Turiaf.  This means the Knicks will be bringing Wilson Chandler off the bench. Chandler began the season coming off the bench when Timofey Mozgov was the starter.  Personally I’d like to see Gallo come off the bench because I think he kills the flow of the offense. Last meeting between the Knicks and Spurs, Amar’e and Felton combined for 56 points. More importantly, Felton had 0 turnovers. With a team as good as the Spurs possession is key. You can not turn the ball over and give up easy points. Lets Go Knicks.