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Johan Set to Begin Throwing

Posted: January 14, 2011 in Yankees/ Mets

Mets ace Johan Santana

Yes! Mets Ace Johan Santana has been cleared to begin a throwing program by New York doctors. This is the best news Met’s have had this off-season. Santana has season-ending surgery on his elbow in September. This puts Johan a week or two ahead of schedule, as he wasn’t supposed to begin throwing until late January-early February. Mets GM, Sandy Alderson, expects Santana to be back sometime around the all-star break. This looks to be very realistic, as long as there are no major set-backs. As a Mets fan we do not want Johan to rush. The last thing we can afford is for him to suffer a more serious elbow injury that could be career ending. Slow and steady Johan.


Rafael Soriano to Yanks?

Posted: January 8, 2011 in Yankees/ Mets

Brian Cashman has expressed some interest in free-agent reliever Rafael Soriano. Soriano is one of the biggest names out there still, and frankly the Yankees need him to salvage their disappointing off-season.  Soriano would be a great fit in the set-up role for the Yankees, a job he is willing to accept. Although the Yankees will have to open their wallet, something they are acustomed to doing, they could be setting themselves up with a successor to Mariano Rivera. The Sox recently added reliever Bobby Jenks, again adding to their huge off-season. The Yanks need to make a move and with money to spend this is it.

Free Agent reliever Rafael Soriano

Is this even a question? With the Yankees losing out on the Cliff Lee sweepstakes, Andy Pettitte becomes a necessity. Andy Pettitte is now in the drivers seat. He will be paid far more money now by the Yankees than if he signed a month ago. Although it seems he is very comfortable hanging out with his family in Texas, why wouldn’t Andy come for another year of spinning gems? The Yankees are desperate for a starter right now in what has been a quiet off-season for Brian Cashman and the Yanks. Cashman must be sweating to make a move, with the Sox making waves with acquisitions of Carl Crawford, Adrian Gonzalez, and Bobby Jenks. Red Sox Nation has to be feeling pretty good about themselves right now. As for Pettitte, he was greeted by a flury of reporters outside his house. “I don’t want to be a story,” Pettitte said. “I really don’t want [the Yankees] to worry about me. I just want them to go, just go on.” That is not what Yankee fans wanted to hear.

Yankees Projected Rotation:

C.C Sabathia

Phil Hughes

A.J Burnett

Ivan Nova

Sergio Mitre

Congrats to the Evil Empire for landing premiere left-handed pitcher Pedro Feliciano. The Veteran, Feliciano, will take his big sweeping slurve and upper 80 mph fastball from Flushing to Queens. He signed a 2-year, 8 million dollar contract with a club option for a third year. Pedro will be a major factor in bridging the gap to Mariano Rivera, especially with the uncertainty of Joba Chamberlain and the relative inexperience of Dave Robertson. Feliciano is a very durable pitcher, pitching in 92 games last year for the Mets. Known mainly as a lefty-specialist, Feliciano has shown ability to get right handers out as well, which only enhances his worth to the Yankees. Boone Logan will also return to the Yanks bullpen and will be a great compliment to Pedro Feliciano. The Yanks are most likely not done suring up their pen, especially with names like Rafael Soriano and Jon Rauch still available. Props to the Yanks, Pedro is a gamer and will not disappoint you.

Yankees' newly signed pitcher, Pedro Feliciano

Now on to the fucking Mets. Pedro Feliciano played part of 8 seasons for your dysfunctional franchise and you  just let him walk? And to of all teams the New York Yankees. As a die-heart Mets fan I would like to thank Feliciano for his allegiance to the Mets and congratulate him on still being able to use his left arm after how much the Mets depended on him. Who the fuck is going to pick up the slack here? You no longer have Hisanori Takahashi in the pen and you might as well teach Ollie to pitch right-handed. The thought that the stupid fucking Mets would consider making that lowlife a left specialist blows my mind. What will happen? Ollie will trot his faggot ass out of the bullpen, throw 8 warm-up pitches, and then 4 straight balls. Then you will go to take him out and have to deal with his temper tantrum. I wish the Mets would do us all a favor and part ways with him before I throw up or jump off the Rhinecliff Bridge. The Mets have made worse financial moves……just ask Bobby Bonilla who is laughing his way to the bank as we speak. How does the Yankees dick taste?

Chris fucking Capuano? You have got to be fucking kidding. As the Phillies go out and better their already stacked rotation by inking Cliff Lee, the lonely Mets show them who is boss and sign Chris Capuano! Great start Sandy Alderson, your team already sucks and you go ahead and add a scrub who has had not one, but two fucking Tommy John surgeries. Capuano was sidelined for the entire 2008 and 2009 seasons because his elbow virtually exploded. The Mets are reluctant to persue pitchers Chris Young and Jeff Francis because of their injury history, but they will sign a douche who has had 2 Tommy John surgeries. But no worries Mets fans, Chris Capuano was an all-star….in fucking 2005!  The only good thing about this signing is they had to release Ryota Igarashi who is the worst Japanese big league pitcher since fucking Kei Igawa.

Mets Projected Rotation (Without Johan)

1. Mike Pelfrey

2. Jon Niese

3. R.A Dickey

4. Chris Capuano

5. Dillon Gee

Phillies Projected Rotation:

1. Roy fucking Halladay

2. Cliff motherfucking Lee

3. Roy fucking Oswalt

4. Cole motherfucking Hamels

5. Joe fucking Blanton