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Posted: February 10, 2011 in Uncategorized

So between school and the beginning of baseball season it has been difficult for me to update the blog. I have now set some time aside to get things up to date. This is a very big week for the Knicks, coming off their split with the 76ers. The team still finds themselves as the 6-seed in the East; but the Sixers are closing the gap quickly. Los Angelas squared will be visiting the Knicks this week. The Knicks will first host the upstarted Clippers, led by Blake Griffin. I’m sure you all remember Blake posterizing the Moz just as well as he does, but the Knicks pulled out that W. The Knicks then will play host to Kobe and the Lakers. If you remember last time the two teams met, the game got a little chippy. I would expect nothing less the second time around. Kobe is known for his big games at the Garden so containing him will be key.

Next on the table is all the Carmelo talks. I would not look much into the Lakers deal. I do not think this deal necessarily works well for either team. The Lakers would be giving up Andrew Bynum which would take away their team’s greatest strength: their length up front. This would move Lamar Odom to the power-forward and create a lack of depth in the front court with only Theo Ratliff and Derrick Character off the bench (both of which haven’t played all year). You have all heard of the 3-team deal between the Knicks, Nuggets, and T-Wolves. If the Knicks can make this happen consider it a steal. Virtually it would be giving up Wilson Chandler for Carmelo Anthony. Yes, I understand the Eddy Curry contract is very appealing but it would be good to remove his distraction. Unfortunately, I do not think this will be enough to make ‘Melo a Knick. I have a feeling they are throwing this Laker deal out their to get the Knicks to up their offer. Who knows with this on going saga.

As the superbowl has come and gone, it is now time to set our minds to baseball season. Being a Mets fan I am not expecting much, but am hoping for the best at the same time. In some ways I am very intruiged by this New York Mets team. Although there are alot of question marks it leaves room for guys to step-up. Mike Pelfrey needs to be the ace he was in the first half of last season, R.A Dickey needs to hope his goodluck streak has not run out, Jon Niese needs to take his game to the next level and improve on consistancy, and Dillon Gee will get a chance to show he belongs. These guys along with the addition of Chris Young need to keep the rotation together while Johan rehabs. When you look at the Mets’ line-up, there are alot of guys who will be looking for comeback seasons. I expect Jason Bay to be healthy and have a bounce back season. The same goes for Jose Reyes and Carlos Beltran.

1. Jose Reyes

2. Angel Pagan

3. David Wright

4. Carlos Beltran

5. Jason Bay

6. Ike Davis

7. Josh Thole

8. Luis Castillo


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