Johnies smack the Dukies?

Posted: February 1, 2011 in Uncategorized

Yes, it happened. The St. John’s Red Storm beat up the Duke Blue Devils. No, I am not talking about on the streets of New York; but on Sunday afternoon in front of a sold-out MSG crowd.  Although there were a good amount of Duke fans at the game, they did not have much to cheer about. Duke showed that they are very vulnerable without Kyrie Erving. Andre Dawkins and Seth Curry could not get anything going from the perimiter, Myles and Mason Plumlee did nothing, Kyle Singler was forcing shots, and Duke struggled with the full-court press of St. Johns. You have to give it up for Steve Lavin who is single handedly changing the face of St. John’s basketball. I hope somewhere out there Norm Roberts is watching the up-tempo, in your face style of the Red Storm. Lavin has a way of utilizing what he has. What he has is an extremly quick and athletic team. They are also very experienced, as every player in the rotation except freshman Dwayne Polee are seniors. While Duke showed that they were vulnerable  to athletic teams, St. John’s showed that on any given day they could knock off anyone. This was a huge statement game for St. John’s moving forward. It is a big notch in the belt of SJU in their NCAA tournament resume. While St. John’s has no superstars, they are a deep and senior heavy team. This is always a good sign come tournament time.


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