Posted: January 27, 2011 in Uncategorized

Can we give my boy Jimmer, not Jim or Jimmy, some love. The BYU guard is lighting it up with 40-plus points in 3 of his last 4 games. His latest victim was undefeated San Diego State. Undeafeated no more, as Jimmer Fredette poured in 43 on them. Did the dude even break a sweat? As soon as he walks into the gym he is in shooting range. I have been telling people since last season when BYU made the NCAA tournament to watch out for Jimmer. He was lighting it up then and nothing has changed. As of now Jimmer is leading the country in scoring and is a leading candidate for player of the year. It is unfortunate this game was not on television because I would have loved nothing more to watch Jimmer tear apart the SDSU defense.  Jimmer might take a ton of shots, but if hes not getting it done who is for BYU? I couldn’t tell you. What I can tell you is while his teammates are thinking about being great missionaries, Jimmer is focusing on playing in the league.

Sources say the New York Knicks were set to draft Jimmer in the second round of last year’s draft if he came out of school. Jimmer, who is a native of Glen Falls, decided to stick around for another season. Can you blame him? His stock is rising after every game. As Jimmer pours in 40 a night, he is seeing dollar signs. People have questioned have well Jimmer would play at the next level, comparing him to JJ Reddick. I am not sure that is a bad comparison since JJ has made himself into a solid NBA player, but I believe Jimmer is a more complete player. I agree that shooting wise, Jimmer and JJ are a solid comparison. As for anything else I can’t agree. Jimmer is more athletic than JJ was, he has the ability to take the ball to the hole (something JJ couldn’t do until about about his 3rd year in the league), and Jimmer has an edge about him. It is clear he is playing with a chip on his shoulder because he went virtually unrecruited. Well to all the people who overlooked my man, GOTCHA. Keep your eye on Jimmer the rest of the season. He will continue to light it up.

The first video is a tribute to the athletic ability of Jimmer and the second is Jimmer off the court as he returns home for an assembly at his local high school.


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