What is the Deal with Cashman?

Posted: January 26, 2011 in Uncategorized

For the most part, I have been a big Brian Cashman fan. This might be because I am a Mets fan and have dealt with idiotic GMs such as Omar Minaya and Steve Phillips, but even I do not understand the comments he has been making. In a press conference Cashman said he did not know if shortstop Derek Jeter would end his career as a shortstop. This comment just makes no sense. I agree in principle with what he is saying, but as the GM why would he say this? Jeter has been the cornerstone of this franchise and is rarely involved in much media turmoil. So why would Cashman make these comments? He should be thrilled that he got Jeter at the price he wanted and he even made that into a media fiasco. Cashman also came out and said that “The Red Sox are a better team than the Yankees”. What??? You are correct Brian, they are better and you are much to blame. You were the one who could not get the Cliff Lee deal done while the Sox went out and made big moves. As a Met fan I cannot speak for how Yankee fans feel, but I will say I would not be happy if my GM came out and said we are not as good as the Braves or Phillies. Get your stuff together Cashman, or you will run yourself out on New York.


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